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Hiring Now: Orlando - UCF Campus Ambassador

$50 / day


BEERDROPPER is a food and beverage delivery service that provides a convenient, safe, and secure way to order your favorites with the click of a button, online! Whether delivering a six-pack to your 21+ apartment in time for when you get back from class, avoiding the long line at the liquor stores over the weekend, or saving yourself from going on a liquor run to keep the party going (and avoiding a DUI!), we bring the goods to you. Each ambassador will get up to $150/mo, earn up to 35% of gross margins, and a letter of recommendation / reference for any future jobs or school! THE JOB The goal of a BeerDropper Student Ambassador is to get the word out about BeerDropper to the local community, help build and maintain great relationships with students, organizations, and local businesses. You’ll be our boots on the ground - which means we’ll be counting on you to make BeerDropper a well-known and appreciated service in the community. BeerDropper users will vary by age (21-35) and preferences, and it will be up to you as ambassador to figure out how to reach and trigger their purchases. As student ambassador, you will learn quickly and gain answers to some important marketing questions - how do you sell to your target market; what are purchasing factors; what are effective tactics? WHO YOU ARE ● We are looking for 2 UCF students (male and female) with a passion for marketing ● Dependable self-starter, collaborative and motivated individual looking to make an impact in the food, grocery, and beverage delivery space ● You want to use your innovative skills to build our brand on and around campus ● You have an interest in startups, marketing, and PR ● You will be exposed to operations, marketing, strategy, and technology, with a focus on marketing ● This is an entry-level position, but if you show smarts and have hussle, there are opportunities to grow with us. We are a startup, currently in 2 locations, but looking to aggressively expand nationwide in the near future. WHAT YOU’LL BE DOING MARKETING One of the major factors in BeerDropper’s success is marketing. We are constantly finding innovative techniques to spread our brand and build upon marketing plans. This summer we are ramping up for events during UCF’s fall semester. As student ambassador, you will be responsible for helping with and shaping the execution of marketing and branding of BeerDropper on campus - delivering immediate value to prospective customers in-person! CUSTOMER SERVICE BeerDropper student ambassadors will also be asked to be a point of contact for customer service issues on campus. Customer satisfaction and retention are crucial to a successful campus. BeerDropper promises our customers high quality service and we look to our ambassadors to uphold our promise. You are our eyes, ears, and boots on the ground! COMPENSATION BeerDropper pays for results and rewards success. Student ambassadors are expected to perform at a high level from the beginning and compensation is based on results in our different marketing and branding areas. Ambassadors are able to do most of their work from a computer and in person, however, tasks vary and there is never a routine so availability for scheduled events is a must. Ambassadors will get from BeerDropper as much as they put in - we reward working smarter… Each ambassador will get up to $150/mo, earn up to 35% of gross margins, and a letter of recommendation / reference for any future jobs or school! TO APPLY (start date between now and August): Please email resume to

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