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We are proud to announce that our consumer, partner, and delivery apps are available in Illinois and Florida - bringing to life our two fully issued patents - and undergoing rapid expansion! 


Unlike similar services, the BeerDropper team has taken a strategic approach to compliance by seeking permission from the states first before entering the market.


There’s no better way to purchase liquor, wine, and beer than BeerDropper. Read on to find out why!
















People like to drink; it’s that simple...





















Alcohol retailers in college towns only provide in-store sales because they don’t have the capability to provide online delivery. For an industry so large, access is relatively restricted. Technology has allowed almost everything to be delivered these days, except alcohol -- until now. Alcohol delivery is the newest frontier in the on-demand economy.


BeerDropper is the first and only application that allows for safe and secure online purchase and delivery of alcohol. When the party’s been going for a few hours, but you run out of alcohol, you never again have to even consider driving to restock. Asking “who’s the least drunk here?”, no matter what age above 21 you are, is never the right answer. BeerDropper is.

BeerDropper is a web/mobile platform to purchase alcohol from local retailers and have it delivered right to your door.

Why Customers Choose BeerDropper:

  • Reduce the incidence of drunk driving and death.

  • Reduce fraudulent usage of fake ID’s and underage distribution. Our client partners’ drivers scan PDF417 barcodes (the 2-dimensional barcodes printed on the back of the ID that encodes all of the printed data on the front of the ID) upon delivery with patented technology. Fake ID, no alcohol.

  • Delivery in under an hour!

  • Paperless, recyclable, reduced gas emissions.

  • Get exclusive deals, swag, and pricing through our partners and manufacturers.

  • Ordering from home, saving time and effort.

  • Our prices are the same as you’d find in-store, with only a small delivery fee charged.

Why Retailers Choose BeerDropper:




















Partnering with local retailers, BeerDropper provides legal drinkers across the US the convenience of ordering from home, saving them the time and effort of going out to buy alcohol on their own! Combining favorable prices with the top alcohol selection, we provide safe, convenient, and efficient alcohol delivery directly to your door. 





















BeerDropper holds two patents on our service. We have validated our product on two occasions during development with temporary partners.


With technology optimized for desktop, tablet, and smartphone use, we’re gearing up for rapid expansion. We are already live in Chicago, IL and Orlando, FL.


We have Chicago and Florida retailers already in place and are in talks with several more alcohol industry experts, including wine distributors and bars. A big focus for this year is to bring together more distributors, manufacturers, and retailers from all markets where ID validation and data management is important.


If you are serious about investing in BeerDropper, we are happy to share more about our business plan, simply request to speak with us using the contact information below!


In the meantime, keep reading for more information... 






The Team:


Backed by a seasoned management team with deep industry knowledge, Fortune 500 company experience, and entrepreneurial drive, we believe hard work is the key to success. “Work Hard, Drop Later” is what we preach. Work hard, do your drinking responsibly, and we’ll bring the fun to you.


Some fast facts about our senior management team:

  • Worked in Fortune 500 as well as startup environments.

  • Global experience across the Americas, EMEA, and APAC.

  • Involved in over 200+ new product launches.

  • Over 150 combined years of relevant experience.

  • All have executed both sales & operational functions.

  • Proven ability to run profitable growth businesses.

  • Implemented exit strategies from startup through sale of company.

  • Numerous individual and product awards and industry recognitions.


Most importantly, our team is made up of dynamic and energetic executives that roll up their sleeves, get into the trenches, and get things done!


Business Objectives:


BeerDropper is an alcohol delivery web app focused on making alcohol consumption by adults of legal drinking age safer and more convenient in the undeveloped on-demand college and residential markets. Partnering with local retailers, BeerDropper (which doesn't sell or deliver alcohol itself), acts as a middleman and marketing channel for retailers to reach their customers. BeerDropper is uniquely suited for this market due to its patented ID validation and data management technology which helps make on-demand delivery more safe, secure, convenient, and efficient. After proof of concept in this industry, we plan to expand to adjacent markets including pharmaceuticals, healthcare, banking, government, education, entertainment, and transportation.

Led by a very established team in product development, finance, and sales, including a CEO with 5 past startups, BeerDropper is one of the few platforms in this vertical trying to meet compliance and regulation needs rather than rolling out the platform and apologizing later.

Use of Funds:

With government support a top priority for us, BeerDropper is raising funds to support ongoing product development, marketing, sales, and expansion. It is our belief that any fast-pace startup in growth phase also requires cash reserves to sustain its expansion.

3 Key Traction Points:

  1. Live in IL and FL

  2. 2 patents

  3. Support from state government and retail partners


Quick Stats:

  • Target customer: 21-35+ year old (young) professionals

  • Total Addressable Market: $400 million (within a billion dollar industry)

  • Use of Funds: product development, marketing, sales, expansion


The Market:

The US alcoholic beverage market for college students consists of $400M in retail sales every year. According to the US Census report, there are about 16 million students enrolled in colleges across the United States. Our target customer is 21-35+ year old (young) professionals. Most of these targets attend social outings 3 to 4 times per month and enjoy refreshing adult beverages at least 2 to 3 times per month. Our market is huge, but it’s also validated.


Dozens of companies have proven the concept that consumers are willing to pay for on-demand delivery of food and beverage products. Ridesharing services have shown explosive growth allowing for easier and cheaper distribution to consumers (future expansion) by connecting supply with demand. Smartphone hardware and software has improved (camera) allowing for high resolution scans of PDF417 barcodes on the back of state-issued identification cards.


The Differentiators:

Compared to competitors who have “act now, apologize later” attitudes, but have no real approval, violate laws, or have weak and myopic technology lacking strong ID validation, BeerDropper has a number of unique advantages:


  1. Intellectual property differentiation with strongest ID validation and data management technology - two fully issued patents. 

  2. Untapped target market of residential and college communities (think enterprise car rental vs competitors) – much larger market opportunity.

  3. Senior management team with deep industry knowledge and foresight, who seeks proper approval from regulators to lower risk, and see big data play and exit strategy.


BeerDropper is live in Chicago, IL and Orlando, FL. We have customized our business model to go after markets that are virtually untouched and needs that are unmet. We will be first movers in many of these locations and have developed strategies that create barriers to entry for any potential competitors. With an innovative company culture like ours, you should inquire about our near-term expansion plans!

We have investors and advisors in the service, distribution, and retail areas of the alcohol industry. Like with the ridesharing industry, retail partners are interested in taking on as many delivery services as possible to maximize revenue. We are developing strategic partnerships that will provide us with on-the-ground knowledge about each of our local markets and allow us to scale rapidly while keeping costs low.


Our team is experienced in selling to these retailers and work in tandem with them and digital and social media platforms to get in front of customers. In addition, we plan to orchestrate marketing stunts, guerrilla tactics, and grassroots campaigns.



  • Technology Licensing Fee - paid by retailers on a sliding scale (no business risk to them!)

  • Delivery Fee - paid by customers as a flat fee based on the type of product ordered

  • Advertising - paid by merchants interested in reaching an exclusively 21+ audience

  • Big Data - paid by supply chain and key industry stakeholders


Four Reasons to Invest:

  1. Scalability / Market Opportunity. After proof of concept in this industry, we plan to expand to adjacent markets including pharmaceuticals, healthcare, banking, government, education, entertainment, and transportation.

  2. Legal right of way. We are one of the few platforms in this vertical trying to meet compliance and regulation needs rather than rolling out the platform and dealing with the consequences later.

  3. First movers. We've customized our business model to go after markets that are virtually untouched.

  4. Team. We have a very established team, including a CEO with five past startups, including a successful exit in the college market space.


If this sounds like the right investment opportunity for you, get in touch!


Jeremy Krell, CEO

(908) 370-2531


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